Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cross-Bloggenate - New Word?

I think we all know bees as well as other insects are involved in a process called pollenation, the transfer of pollen from one plant to another, and if the genetic make-up of one plant is different, then it is referred to as cross-pollenation.

(Don't you just love this picture! I took it in my backyard, this guy was so busy -get it? busy as a bee- that he didn't even notice me all up in his personal space)

I was pondering the similarities of bees buzzing from plant to plant picking up tiny particles and transplanting it to another plant and blog readers. We read other's blogs and glean bits of information or ideas and transfer them to others sometimes expounding upon the idea and sometimes just repeating what we have read (with adequate credit to the original source, of course!) and sometimes just letting the information spark a new line of thinking. So if we were to give this process a name would it be, cross-bloggenation? I think so, besides taking information, we also reference each other and promote one another to create a blog community of like thoughts or common interests. Thus we work together to create a beautiful garden of thinking, blooming extensively and constantly changing.

After writing this post I have found the word mentioned once in a post spelled cross-bloggenation and once spelled cross bloggination. So, poop, I don't think I invented the word........

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