Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drawing a Heart for your Valentine

Now it's no secret I have a friend, Kevin Honeycutt, that is a tremendously talented speaker. He does presentations on bullying, cyber-bullying, digital citizenship, and internet safety. But he is also a very talented artist. He has put together a series of dvd's, that just teach snippets of drawing techniques and most are tied to the standards in various subject areas. When I asked him to do a short little video on how to draw a heart to post here, he just laughed. He already had one. I really should explore the site a little more I guess. You should visit too, it's amazing, it is called Artsnacks, a network (from around the world!) of students, teachers, and just people interested in art. It's got videos of drawing, drawings from others and photographs. Now, since this has kids on it safety is important so you will have to join the network to view anything, but it's not hard. I know it's a pain, but by golly if I still had younger kids, I would want that extra comfort. So visit, and if you have kids, have them give it a whirl, not everything on the internet is mindless drivel. :)

Find more videos like this on Art Snacks

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