Monday, February 08, 2010

Another work project -Just Desserts or Go Ahead, Make Their Day

This is a graphic I created for our specialist Reneé Smith to use in her podcast for parents. It is called "Just Desserts" and is dinner table learning games parents can use with their kids to help maximize the time the children are "captured". The podcasts will be located at the site, My Kid's Turn. Since the theme was desserts I used a graphic I had made for some greeting cards I had made. The original image was on a card with the inside sentiment of "You were born to be a star". I used this card to send to kids I knew that had done something good. It's always nice to get an attaboy from someone other than your parents. I took the picture in my kitchen one day when I was baking cookies and once again used my very favorite in the world filter for photoshop - Topaz Labs - to get the effect. So when it came time to pull together something for the Just Desserts project, I knew exactly what I wanted to use.

I am putting a blank one here at the bottom feel free to use it to make your own card. All I ask is the you don't take credit for the graphic yourself or make money from it's use. Make someone feel like a superstar today!
In case you either don't feel comfortable enough or tech savvy enough to create your own card, I have linked to one you can just download, print and sign. There are two cards to a page and they will fit in a standard 5 3/4 x 8/ 3/4 greeting card envelope (available where computer supplies are sold).

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Renee' said...

I love my new cover art for Just Desserts. Thanks for your great work, Lori!!