Friday, September 10, 2010

COOL BEANS!- Export your Blog and Make a BOOK!

I am sooo jazzed! Glenn Wiebe, a co-worker here at ESSDACK (and Social Studies guy extraordinaire) just gave me the heads-up on a site, It was the coolest thing, you just follow the instructions and export your blog as xml and it creates a pdf copy that you can then make into a book.

It adds a table of contents and annotates your pictures and web links. Now, there was a couple of things I did not like and would like a little more formatting control....I mean I am in the pretty up the pages business, so normal and cookie cutter doesn't work work me. I made a down and dirty front and back cover and bound it and wow, start to finish, 15 minutes. Unbe-freakin-liveable. I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking I'm easily amazed and perhaps I am but I just find this really cool. Think of the possibilities, a kid can make an online journal of sooo many different things, - it takes journaling to a new level. Or - I could isolate just the entries having to do with my Grenada trip and make a kickin' photo album/journal of my trip.