Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls with COOL WHIP FROSTING!

I was at my local Walmart yesterday and stumbled upon what may possibly be the best invention EVER, Cool Whip has a new product, - FROSTING! They have 3 flavors- Chocolate, Vanilla and Cream Cheese (brand new product just introduced in October, 10.6 oz for just under $3.00 and check out the cool whip facebook page it has a ton of recipes.) I decided I had to try it and since I was making Cinnamon Rolls the next day  (ok, I wasn't really planning on it at that point but after seeing the frosting, I made a snap decision, just call me spontaneous) so I picked up the Cream Cheese flavor.
Not really having time (or patience) to do the whole, gargantuan batch that requires yeast and raising and lots of counter space, I opted for using my very favorite biscuit recipe. (This 7-up biscuit recipe [have I mentioned it before :)] has become my go to for any  dinner that needs a little extra because they are absolutely yummy and sooooo easy.) So this morning baked up a batch - the recipe only makes about 8 -perfect for a lazy morning - and I couldn't wait to try the frosting. I modified the recipe by spreading a little softened butter and brown sugar and cinnamon at the patted out stage and rolling them and cutting like a traditional cinnamon roll. The frosting was soft like cool whip but with a little more density, I let the rolls cool slightly and the frosting did not just immediately dissolve, it held up nicely. I would do one thing differently next time, I would only frost as needed as left overs will need to be refrigerated and not sure how they will reheat.

I made a batch, frosted them with just a dollop- albeit a rather large "dollop"  of frosting, tossed on a few pecans and  OMGOSH! so simple and sooo good. Go now.....get won't be sorry.