Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty

Well, once again I am displaying my own version of animal magnetism. I'm an animal magnet that is, now I am not home, I am on my way to watch my niece play softball in Houston (she is on the Purdue team). But I am going via Oklahoma which is where I am now. I am from Kansas meeting my sister from Missouri, in Oklahoma to fly to Texas to watch my niece from Indiana, play softball. I know - crazy. Anyway, sitting here at my aunts house last night and I hear a sound. I was just sure I heard a cat. Now if they had a cat here that would not be such a big deal but they don't have a cat......they have a dog, a really big dog. I made the comment that I heard a cat and my aunt argued profusely that it was not true. Finally I was just sure and went to the door. And sure enough a little adolescent kitten was outside but desperately wanted inside. I opened the door and she came right on in and when I picked her up she immediately starting purring. She seemed extremely skinny so I went in search of food. I decided on the gourmet meal of dry dog food mixed with a little sour cream. MMMMM, she loved it, or at least she ate it. I checked her over seeing no fleas or bugs or otherwise unhealthy looking problems so I let her stay in with me. It was bedtime so I let the cat sleep in the room with me. She was very good and woke me up at 5:00 AM to go outside. She has decided she likes me and follows me everywhere. She has also decided that I should not work on the computer at all, the minute I start typing she wants to sit on the keyboard or on my shoulder. But now she is sleeping kind of worn out from all the exploring. I haven't named her because I don't want to have ownership..........but i was thinking about Dot - because she has a big white spot on her side and Dot is short for Dorothy and after all, Dorothy is a very Kansas name.


Jaime said...

It sounds like you have grown quite fond of Dot. What does the future hold for this relationship?

Greg said...

If the cat comes home........the dogs will be very happy!!!! (they love new kinds of food...and new toys)

Renee' said...

what did you do with dot? I hope she came home with you or at least found a good one there.