Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obsessive or Thorough?

My youngest son will be graduating from high school in approximately one month. While most parents would play the game and order the announcements and accompanying paraphernalia from the designated vendor, I just can't seem to follow the norm. I look at all the cookie cutter graduation announcements and think, I don't want to be like every one else. I want my kid's to stand out in the crowd. (As if refrigerators across the country will be so laden with graduation announcements that my kids' will have to fight for recognition.) I seem to have this innate drive to be different, to not be like all the other lemmings headed to the sea, which is quite astounding since I find myself wanting to blend in when in a crowd and not be the center of attention. Anyway, I have been working steadily to come up with an announcement worthy of the .42 cent stamp. I'm sure I could tweak and revise until my grand kids graduate but I finally had to just say good enough. I wanted a certain kind of paper - not because of the grand way the print looks but the way the paper feels in my hand. Weird? probably but I found what I wanted - sort of - not exactly but does feel good in my hand - it is a water color paper. And I am happy with the outcome so I will claim that as a victory.

I also am working on a digital scrapbook for Brett for his graduation. Boy is that ever time consuming! I started in the fall and have 72 pages done. Going through pictures and scanning them in, you know people told me to keep them organized from the beginning - I should have listened.

The next thing on my list to is figure out the menu. Do we want substantial food or snacks or what? I think we have it narrowed down to a mexican flavor but we'll see.

So obsessive or thorough? Call it what you will, I know what I want and am determined to get there or at least make an honest attempt. Oh BTW, Brett is happy with the results as well, so I'm really not being one of those freakishly controlling moms. Really, I'm not. For real.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wear an ugly shirt day

Last Thursday was "Wear an Ugly Shirt" Day (or the alternate choice was to wear your easter bonnet) at our office. I thought about making some sort of KU bonnet but didn't get it done. As I pondered what I was going to wear, it dawned on me that I could potentially choose something that someone else considers quite lovely. It was definitely an aha moment. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Message to track team

Sorry about this I was going to just post these on facebook and for some reason - probably me - they won't upload. So I'm going to give this a whirl. I tries several different ideas with the pictures you sent but these were the only ones I liked. See what you think and give me some feedback.