Thursday, August 29, 2013

Duck Lips Project - Step 2 - Ordering Supplies

WHO KNEW! I went online to order the supplies we are going to need to produce our lip balm and oh boy......... it was way more complicated then I imagined. Different sites, different flavors, different waxes, different tubes......yipes.

I ended up ordering from 2 different companies Oregon Trail Soaps and SKS Laboratories . I probably over-ordered but I figured if I was going to pay shipping anyway, might as well have plenty. I think to date I have spent roughly $150.00.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back in the Blogging Saddle

My oh my how time flies! You miss a week or two of posting and suddenly it's 6 months, however I am ready to get busy again. My first foray back into the blogosphere will be to document an exciting little journey we, the ESSDACK marketing team will be taking alongside participating school districts. ESSDACK is sponsoring a contest for students/community members which will be run through classes or as independent project and will involve students/individuals from participating rural schools/communities competing in teams to see which team can make the greatest profit. The goal of this contest is:

For every participating student/individual to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to brand, market, and sell products to international markets from their rural communities.

Our intent is to help students/individuals who desire to live in a rural community to develop the ability to earn a living utilizing 21st century skills, knowledge and behaviors.
We are going to use the same guidelines and go through the process as a marketing team and compete against, in some cases, some very savvy 12 year olds! We feel confident we can keep up and want to make this project fun. The project selected was to develop, produce and market lip balm. The only rule is that every group use the same recipe for their lip balm, the rest is open season. Read more about it

We have named our product Duck Lips and our parent company is Duck Lips Dynasty.  Our website is a little sparse right now but the url is:

So pucker up and follow along!