Monday, July 25, 2011

Podstock! Success!

Well, Podstock has come and gone and boy am I tired! Those were some long days but I met new people, saw the fruits of our labors be enjoyed, got many a kudo and laughed, .... alot.
Our wonderful staff pitching in to stuff swag bags.

Glenn Wiebe helping cut out .....stuff

I so enjoy this conference, mainly because it is so different, not only in content but in design and the people are different,  not the typical, snooty, stuffy kind of conference attendees that keep to themselves, but the fun-loving, never-know-a-stranger type. LOVE THAT!

The wild women of Podstock

A couple of weeks before Podstock we introduced our new ESSDACK mascots, the sock monkey brother/sister team of Rowdy and Ruby. They now have their own Twitter profile (sockmonkeyjunki) and have been lovingly accepted by all.

Michelle Reavis and Lori Fast, along with Ruby and Rowdy
Visiting Smith's Market to get old fashioned candy
On the Podstock registration bus

We worked hand-in-hand with Lightspeed Systems/My Big Campus, they piggy-backed on Podstock by having a training session the day before Podstock started. I loved these people they were all so nice and very complimentary.... or complementary? both spellings are actually accurate in this case. I hope we get the opportunity to work with them more in the future.
Joel and Kevin
Kevin doing an impromptu interview

It's been a very hectic and exhausting couple of weeks but am eagerly looking forward to next years conference already. We have decided on a theme, it is tentatively 80's Senior Year. I woke up thinking about ideas and can't wait to get started, there is Prom, picture day, homecoming, yearbook and then the whole leg warmers, parachute pants, big hair.......oh my, the fun we will have!

But first, back to getting some everyday normal work done and then prepping for the AESA conference in Colorado in December, a totally different job assignment for me but that's what makes my job interesting, change and with ESSDACK and my work mates, never a dull moment.

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my job? :)