Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New York, New York

After reviewing this post, it is an absolute mess. But when it takes you over an hour to make a tiny little post, it's time to surrender. I'll try again tomorrow....maybe.

Well, it is taking waaayyy too long to upload photos but I'll keep trying. We got here yesterday about 3pm. We had a delay because of FUEL PUMP PROBLEM on the airplane. They fixed it, yes, I felt comfortable with that....right. Then "traffic" problems in the sky! not only lots of traffic in the streets of New York but apparently lots of traffic in the sky above new york. Anyway, we finally got here and I had forgotten how small rooms are here (at least if you don't want to sign over your first born - wait a minute, that wasn't an option...) We are 4 blocks from the conference center which isn't a big deal if it doesn't rain, which it is supposed to only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We went to see "Wicked" last night. That was terrific. Then this morning we went to Chinatown. Ask Deb Bether about that. It was kinda fun having clandestine meetings in little back rooms of abandoned buildings to buy knock off or stolen purses. Now I'm not into trafficking stolen merchandise but I don't speak Chinese and couldn't really get a clear idea about the true source of the goods......

Oh well, another new adventure to put in the memory banks. It was kinda fun living on the edge and all. : )

This is their idea of car parking, a big lift kinda thing, very odd, can't explain it.

The pre-conference started at 1 and went until 5. Good stuff. I hope my brain doesn't become too saturated before it's over.

Tonight we walked all over and went to Times Square and ate at Bubba Gumps Shrimp. Fun, Festive and great tasting! Sat by the window and looked in the ABC studios. They weren't doing anything so it kinda lost it's appeal pretty fast. And the naked singing cowboy wasn't out so it was busy, but calm. Did a little shopping, and saw where our after-hours party is tomorrow night.

We thought it was a good sign when they placed the office mascot up on one of the jumbo tron thingys.

Now we are back in our room,.....ha, ha, ha, makes me laugh to even call it that. I slept with my suitcase on my bed, because if I put it on the floor, we wouldn't be able to get to the bathroom. We aren't in here much anyway, it's fine, just funny.

This is the outside of our hotel.