Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is a picture I took of one of my co-workers daughter, Paige. We needed some shots of a elementary age child reading so she popped in and obliged. I was very pleased with the outcome, especially with no set up or pre-planning she was a super star. In this photo, I loved her expression, especially her eyes. The effect was achieved by first desaturating the photo (make sure you keep an original full color, just in case : )  turning the slider down to 0 (in Photoshop) and then I did not use the standard sepia filter, I put a slightly transparent color of brown over the top. I went back to the original colored layer made another copy and placed it on the very bottom. I reduced the saturation color until I was pleased that her lips were a faint pinkish, I went back to the black/white layer and erased with small increments of percentage of the eraser tool until the color of her lips was barely visible. I did basically the same procedure with her eyes and at the end put just a slight color on her cheeks. I love how this turned out.

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countryduck said...

That is an awesome picture. You are so talented. Of course it helped that you had a very pretty girl to start with!!