Friday, February 05, 2010

Bullying.........Recognizing the Agony

I have been posting some photos I have taken and projects I have worked on personally. Today I am posting a series of posters that I created for use with a presentation on bullying. Kevin Honeycutt, a specialist here at ESSDACK, travels around the country doing presentations about bullying, his presentations are customized to his audience, he has presented to elementary kids, secondary students, parents, community members and educators on all aspects of bullying. Bullying does not just happen in the neighborhood or on the playground it, like our society, has moved into the technology realm and cyber-bullying is running rampant not only among kids but even to adults. Sometimes kids, as well as the adults that are there to protect them just need a view visual reminders of what to do or how to recognize bullying behavior. So, with camera in hand we took some photos and came up with a series of classroom posters. These posters in the can ordered in the size of 24 x 36. The price is 15.00 each or 4 for $50.00.

I was noticing that even Dr. Phil had a show on the topic of bullying. Oprah did a show as well. It just seems extremely sad to me that we as humans choose to be so cruel to one another that it pushes some people to drastic measures just to escape the torment. If we could just learn to not take our insecurities and low self-image and rise above it instead of trying to pull others down by inflicting those ideas on others. When will we all learn to just play nice with one another?


Kevin said...

Thanks for creating these Lori. The images help a lot and remind kids to think before they act.

Kathleen Godwin said...

These are so good Lori. You have amazing talent!

Anonymous said...
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