Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Akvis - Decorator - NEW FILTER!

OMGosh, I am so excited. I just sampled a taste of a new filter. It's by and called Decorator. After seeing this plug in mentioned in an online newsletter from, I checked it out. I was really impressed by what it can do. I am thinking there are a ton of applicable uses for this little jewel. When I went to the akvis site I also noticed many more plug ins that I'm hoping they have available to demo.

In decorator specifically, this is what it does:

Decorator v.1.

Resurface and Recolor

Have you ever seen a car made of brick? A statue dressed in fine clothes?
With AKVIS Decorator you can create things that were unimaginable even to Mother Nature.
The Decorator plug-in allows you to change the surface of an object in a realistic manner.
Select a part of an image – a dress on a girl, a car, a piece of furniture, etc, and apply new textures to it. The girl can have her dress painted in gay patterns, dotted or chequered, appear as if made of velvet or satin, or even of wood or candies. There is a great variety of built-in patterns to apply - from fabrics to stones and metal, from food to nature elements.
You can apply your own textures – just save a square pattern as a jpg file and load it into the library.
Unlike the "bucket-fill" tool in many photo editors, the plug-in follows the underlying features of the object, the texture that already exists, and makes the new color or texture look natural.
Applying a snake scale to a car’s surface can be fun, but of more practical use is to apply AKVIS Decorator for design purposes.
With this software you can quickly choose a suitable design for your apartment by playing with different colors and patterns for furniture, walls, curtains, decorations, etc. It’s useful for designers to show the customers the same room in different versions or for web-designers to represent the same items in an online shop (china-ware, blankets, clothes, piece of furniture, etc) in different colors/patterns.
By AKVIS tradition, the program has a simple interface, easy grasped even for newbies. In the plug-in’s window you go to the Texture tab and select a texture from the library (you can adjust its color and frequency of the pattern), press the Run button and get a wonderful result. If needed, you can adjust the brightness and the angle of lighting.
If all you need is just to change the color of the surface, then you go to the Color tab and choose a new color.
The program applies a texture/color preserving the volume of an object, following its folds and creases. The new pattern looks absolutely natural and makes you see things differently. 

Totally cool. Here is a before and after I did.
If you look closely you can see, Lady Liberty has on a jellybean robe! New meaning to the words, cool beans, huh? I checked the cost and it looks like a home use license for this program is about $60.00, for business, about $85.00. Since I work in education, there is no extra money, so I will use the demo until they take it away. Maybe if I can produce enough cool stuff in the meantime, my boss will shake loose of a few pesos and buy this sweet puppy for me....... OR the company could send me a copy.......that would be ultra nifty. I'll try to check out the other items offered and give you the scoop.

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