Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Horn-Rimmed Dreadlocks

I am sure you are saying to yourself, "Horn-Rimmed Dreadlocks? Whaaaat?" This is my son Brett and his friend Sammy. We have the State Fair in our town and it is quite a big deal. On this particular day, Sammy and Brett decided they were bored, wanted to go to the fair and had no money. With neither having a "real" job they opted that the best idea was playing music for money. Now on the surface this may not be such a bad idea but it would definitely help if either of them could sing or play the pictured ukulele.........   but not to be deterred by their lack of skill,  the two donned their best jamaican-type outfits and formed a little duo they called the Horn-Rimmed Dreadlocks. They took their show first to the mall and sat on a bench and played and sang (not songs that anyone would know - matter of fact, songs THEY didn't even know).....songs made up on the fly.....  They did manage to draw a small crowd and even made approximately 35 cents. But soon the fun was over when mall security informed them they could not "perform" there. SOOOOOO, they took their little dog and pony show (you decide which is which) to the state fair, found a bench and proceeded to "entertain". They were drawing small crowds and the old men seemed to love them but it was not a big money maker. I think at the end of the day they managed to make enough money to buy them each a snow cone and a corn dog. Every time I see this picture it reminds me of how important it is to not be afraid to take chances, put yourself out there even with the risk of ridicule and reach for your goals - even if that goal is simply a little pocket change for the fair.

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Jenny Fry said...

I forgot how funny this picture was from when I saw it the first time. You are right though, they got out of their box and decided to have some fun and make a little cash. As adults we should try to do the same thing. Not care so much about what others may think and not care about the ridicule. They made a great memory