Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scrabble Macot Bracketology- Final Four

OK, so my first round of bracketology my way was not a rousing success, however even the people who used scientific and statistical methods failed miserably, so I don't feel so bad. For the final four I am going to use a method I call, "Scrabble Bracketology." Now I'm not going to do anything fancy such as triple letters or double word scores, because I could easily manipulate the outcome. The points will be broken down to the simplest of values as determined by letter tiles in the game Scrabble. The final four will be decided by the school name and the highest amount of points - wins. The championship will be decided by the amount of points given to the letters according to the mascot names. So I do still have faith in mascot bracketology  - I'm just going to change it up a bit.
So, here's how it plays out:

Duke  9
West Virginia  21

Butler  8
Michigan State  20

Mountaineers  14
Spartans  10

So by my guesstimation, the winner of the NCAA Championship for 2010
West Virginia

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