Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hoop It Up! It's March!

Well, it's that time of year, one of my fav's, is it because I just love basketball so much I can't seem to get enough and want to OD on it like a back alley crack addict? No, it's because I get to pick my brackets. So here we go with the first round. My methodology is quite simple, it's whichever team makes sense using Lori logic (which oddly enough many people think it's not logical at all).

OK, buckle up, here we go—
Kentucky/Western Kentucky (I pick WK to beat Miss Valley)- I go with Western Kentucky because Lexington is known for it's whiskey distilleries and during  the aging process the alcohol that leaches into the barrel is called the "angels share" so truthfully can you depend on a band of drunken angels in a big game? I think not.

Iowa St/UConn - Iowa State, because UConn reminds me of dcon, the rodent control product, and anything to do with rodents is icky.

Wichita State/VCU- Wichita State because it's fun to say.......WUUUUU Shock

Indiana/New Mexico State - because it makes me think of Indiana Jones, seriously Harrison Ford as a hot Archeologist and adventurer, ummm yah.

UNLV/Colorado - last time I was in Las Vegas I saw a Last time I was in Colorado I saw a Moose with a baby grazing near a stream, Colorado wins.

Baylor/S. Dakota State - Baylor because the word Baylor reminds me of Bayer the company that makes those little tiny baby aspirins that tasted like orange, I loved when I got to take those as a kid. SO because of nostalgia, Baylor wins.

Notre Dame/Xavier - Xavier because that name reminds me of Excalibur, and of course if you have the power of the sword, - you win.

Duke/Lehigh - The name Lehigh reminds me of "knee high to a grasshopper" my Uncle Charlie used to say that and he smelled of moth balls and nyquil so Duke wins.

Michigan State/Long Island - the win goes to Michigan State because Long Island makes me think of Snookie, just sayin'

Memphis/St. Louis - I've always liked the song "Walking in Memphis" so they win

New Mexico/Long Beach State - Anything with the name beach in it makes me smile.

Louisville/Davidson - can't beat the sound of the crack of the bat (Louisville Slugger) but the sound of a loud Harley Davidson makes my ears hurt. I'm going with Louisville.

Murray State/Colorado State - I have a friend with a dog named Murray and he's pretty cute.

Marquette/BYU - Marquette reminds me of marionette which is a puppet, which kinda creep me out, so I pick BYU

Florida/Virginia - Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, your present will be beating Florida

Missouri/Norfolk State - Norfolk......makes me think of old folks and I think Missouri could at least beat a team of octogenarians

Syracuse/UNC Asheville - Syracuse reminds me of taking a cruise, and who couldn't use a vacation?

Kansas State/Southern Miss - Although I'd like to just pick Southern Miss because of Sandra Bullocks accent in Blindside I will pick Kansas State

Vanderbilt/Harvard - I pick Harvard because the thought of the ivy leaguers playing basketball in argyle sweaters makes me chuckle.

Wisconsin/Montana - because I would rather eat cheese than mountain goat

Cincinnati/Texas - because I never really like the sitcom WKRP

Florida/St. Bonaventure - makes me think of adventure and I'm always up for a good adventure

Gonzaga/West Virginia - sing along. - Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia mountain mama, take me home. Oh yah, John Denver.

Ohio State/Loyola - Loyala reminds me of crayola and what person cannot open a box of crayons and be transported back to the first day of school and opening that box for the first time of the year? Good times.

N. Carolina/Vermont - N. Carolina because they are known for their carpet mills and I would like to have new carpet, so it makes me smile.

Creighton/Alabama - Alabama because my Grandpa loved those little Bama pie things

Temple/S. Florida - Shirley Temple singing the "Good Ship Lollipop" which reminds me of the lollipop guild in the Wizard of Oz and who doesn't like to try and sing like them?

Michigan/Ohio - Ohio reminds me of Oreos, my older son's favorite cookie - I should call him.

San Diego State/NC State - Have you been to the San Diego zoo?

Georgetown/Belmont - George, George George of the jungle......

St. Mary's/Purdue - makes me think of, You sure got a purdy mouth

Kansas/Detroit - Detroit makes me think of  the phrase 'Heavens to Murgatroyd' from Yogi Bear, and I've always held him in low esteem because of his thieving behavior

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