Friday, March 09, 2012

Dishwasher surprises and one of them is SALMON! What?! Who Knew?!

I subscribe to e version of Real Simple. I just love the variety of tips, tricks and general info I get, when I choose to get it. We chuckle in my office at the seemingly absurdity of some of the articles (7 festive trivets, 12 holiday gravy boats, or 8 charming egg cups)  but it does make us laugh and that in itself is worth something. But today I read an article (Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher By Sarah Stebbins) that I felt was worthy enough to share with the masses, ok, with the 13 people that actually read my blog. Be sure to check out the link for the full article and list.
Here are just a few of the items that CAN go in the dishwasher:
Plastic toys - smaller ones in a mesh bag on the top rack, however as mentioned in the article, unless you want Barbie to experience the ultimate bad hair day, she will have to just endure the occasional sponge bath.

Ceramic cabinet knobs- perfect for removing the grunge and pb&J  build up. Best when placed in the silverware basket

Hair brushes and combs (the drain will appreciate all hair to be removed first) however, wooden handles and boars bristle brushes should not take the spin bath.

Some athletic protective equipment - such as mouth guards, shin guards baseball helmet and knee pads.

Light fixture covers -as long as they aren't enameled, antique or  painted.

Potatoes (loved this one!) - top rack, no detergent of course, rinse only cycle

And turn about is fair play, here are a few things that perhaps you thought could go in the dishwasher but probably shouldn't.

Cast-iron, enameled-cast-iron, and copper pots and pans - Why? Cast iron rusts; enameled cast iron chips; copper dents.

Sterling silver - if you do place it in, make sure you do not mix in stainless flatware, the chemical reaction will cause the silver to discolor.

Crystal glasses- Food particles can etch them; heat can cause cracks. After hand washing (it’s usually safer than using the china/crystal setting), dry with a cloth that hasn’t been laundered with fabric softener, which can leave a film.

•  Insulated mugs and containers -they vacuum seals, which can be destroyed if water seeps in.

And just a couple of questionable but acceptable dishwasher occupants

Computer keyboards- although some techies swear by it, it is not recommended. BUT if you must,  place the keyboard facedown on the top rack, don’t use detergent, and skip the drying cycle. Afterward, unscrew the back, if possible, or pop off the keys (take a picture beforehand so you remember where they go). Air-dry two to five days. Pray the Computer Fairy is looking down on you, then reassemble.

• Broom Ends (and Dust Pans, Scrub Brushes, and Vacuum Attachments)- Shake loose dust into the trash first, Stick brushes and attachments in the silverware basket and broom ends and dust pans on top. 

•  Salmon- yes, the fish........ - why? because you can, and seriously.....who do you know that has tried it? The  food editors at Real Simple tested this “recipe,” and though the fish did cook, the dishwasher reeked afterward (shocker).  

Bob Blumer's Dishwasher Salmon Recipe

 So the dishwasher is not just for washing dishes, it can also double as a high priced steamer.

Check out Real Simple, I think you'll love it too.

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