Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grenada: Lori and Kelly's Big Adventure

Captain's Log: Day 3- Saturday, August 14, 2010

Woke up and the dream lived on......looked out the window, and yep, still in paradise! Today we walked to the bakery and got some muffins and buns for tomorrow. Then we got ready and went to the beach. Not nearly as easy as loading up the car and going.....2 different buses (which really aren't buses, more on that later) and a total of about 45 minutes. Now mind you the island is only 20 miles by 12 miles.....but you cannot go anywhere as the crow flies, no sir, no indeed. But we load our bags, hop the bus and are on our way. Finally arriving down the block from the beach we hike our selves to the beach and it is beautiful. White sands, mountains in the background, crystal clear water, not a zillion tourists........wonderful.

Mackenzie had some peace corps friends there that we got to meet and they were alot of fun. They had some snacks and one of them was something they call Skinups, a grape sized fruit that has a pit inside similar to an avacado. You bite and split the skin and suck the flesh off the pit, similar to a peach. Now, considering I don't like fruit at all, I thought I was very brave to try it. But I couldn't do it, it was just gross in my mouth and I had to spit it out. But I tried, don't I get points for that?

Hung out there all day with a break in the middle for a sandwich at a local bar and grill. We all had a grilled chicken sandwich and they put tomato and cucumber on it.......ick, but picked em off. At the end of the day, we walked to the grocery store and got a few things for some meals this week and then hauled all the stuff to the bus stop and loaded up on a very full bus for the ride to the station to transfer to another bus to get back home. Kelly made very yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner and we ate chocolate from the chocolate factory here on the island. (planning on touring that later in the week). So, tired and burned......but somewhat blissful at this point.

Adventure within the adventure:1
The bus system here in Grenada. First of all the buses aren't really buses, they are like vw vans or the like. and they sit 3 across and you sit 3 across, no matter if you have big saddle bags on your body or bags from the grocery store, it's 3 across. And mind you it's hot and the person sitting next to you is hot and the air is how much is wafting through the open windows as you speed down the road. Actually speeding isn't even the word for it, it's death defying......if you have ever been on the road to Hana in Hawaii, this is crazier...... I do have to hand it to the drivers, lots of honking horns and close calls but no accidents or displays of road rage. Now being one that gets extremely car sick, I did worry a bit about the drive, but never once did i feel sick- not from the break neck speeds or hair pins turns - of which there are MANY. We did have a funny (?) experience when while driving the Grenadian version of the Daytona 500, the hatch came open with Kelly, Mackenzie and I in the very back seat. Although the breeze was nice, it was a little unnerving, but we survived, life was good.

OOOPS correction - Life IS good!

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