Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grenada: Lori and Kelly's Big Adventure

Captain's Log: Day 5 Monday, August 16, 2010

Mackenzie had to work today so off she went and Kelly and I stayed and hung out, got showers and nice! Then we were to meet her in town a little after two. So we got our things together and prepared to take the bus ALONE! But we were very big and got the right bus, acted like we knew what we were doing and got to the terminal. Waited there for Mackenzie and then went to do a little shopping. Walking up and down hills, up and down definitely need good shoes and strong calves. It is a little like walking on the KU campus only worse and you have speeding cars flying by inches from your body. Which so many people get hit by cars here they actually have a word for it, bounced. So if you don't wanna get "bounced" you keep as close as you can to the side.
Carnage or port

Ocean Grill

The red building is the fire station

Then we went to a place called the Ocean Grill for lunch. It was a lot of seafood but they had coconut shrimp (YAY) my fav.......wait, just about the ONLY seafood I like. And I must say, it was the best I've ever had......hands down. Expensive but worth it.

Mackenzie and Kelly

THE BEST coconut shrimp

Then we hiked our butts to one of the forts on the island, Fort George. I just thought the hill on Sunday was was the most tormenting hill ever. But the view was magnificent. It is also the place where in '93 the invasion to save the med students during Reagan, they lined up the leaders and shot them against the wall.......lots of history there.

Fort George

Looking out at town

Periwinkles growing wild at the fort

Looking down on the town

After that we were exhausted, shopped a bit more and started to head for home. We stopped by a place that makes fruit smoothies that is supposed to be one of the best anywhere. Me, not liking fruit was hesitant but decided to give something a whirl. (And mind you, they put alcohol in just about anything here). I knew I did not want anything with rum...... but then this is what they ended up making me.....Guiness mixed with milk, peanuts, and oats.......sounds gross but it was actually pretty good.....however, do not get one of those then immediately hop a crowded bus full of sweaty people for a 20 minute ride on the curvy, twisty roads back home. I could only drink about half of it, which was fine, got a taste of it anyway.

Then we just took showers and chilled the rest of the evening......another rain shower and to bed.

Yah mon..........Life IS good!

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