Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grenada: Lori and Kelly's Big Adventure

Captain's Log: Day 1 - August 12, 2010
Going to Tulsa to catch a flight to Grenada. Using the most direct route - Tulsa -Chicago - Miami-Grenda. I mean right? through Chicago first? geez, will get us there.

Found out there is a summer travel embargo and Grenada is on the list. What this means is that each passenger is only allowed two checked bags. The bags are to be 50 lbs and if can be up to 70 but you have to pay extra. The bags also must be suitcases, no boxes or crates.

We both have a ton of school supplies donated by very generous friends and knew we were going to encounter problems......we weighed the bags......the school supply bags - both over......hoping for the best.......ready to pay.

Captain's Log Day 2: August 13, 2010 (Friday the 13th)
Prepared for a long and grueling day, very nervous about checking these bags.

Arrive at the Tulsa airport, out of no where a guy working for American Airlines (which I love now, btw) shows up at the curb. Finds us a cart and loads all of our bags and takes them inside. No big deal, right? BUT, then he wheels them to the side and starts weighing them for us. By the time we get up to the kiosk to check in, he is standing beside us, taking our passports and we just answer questions. He even punched it all in for us! He talks to the agent and informs them two of the bags are overweight. She talks with the agent next to her and voilÄ, waives charges.....

We get to security and loooong line, we get to the guy checking tickets and he says, if you would like to step to that far end, you will not have any problems and will be alot quicker. And you know what? he was right, it took longer for me to empty the 3 computers out of my bag then it did to get through.

Checked in and at the gate for an international flight, in less than 30 minutes. WOW.

Flight to Chicago uneventful, then to Miami.

Flight from Miami was a hoot. Evidently there is a big vet school here in Grenada and it starts on Monday, so probably 2/3 of the plane was students. Many of these students have working dogs or cats (therapy pets) so there was probably 20-30 different pets on the plane with us.....some in carriers, some not........there was a cat behind us, and everything ranging from german shepherds to labs, to goldens, to malteses. And you know what never heard a peep out of any of them, more well behaved than the children on the flight. : )

When we arrived in Grenada the students were trying to help us by telling us what to expect at customs. When we found out that they would most likely check our bags and charge us for every piece of electronics, I was very nervous, but they said just take one computer out of the bag and show them. I did and the agent asked what we had and we told her, pencils and school supplies and she never asked another question, just smiled and waved us on. Everyone almost cheered and were amazed there were big smiles all around.

I was worried about the food......we stopped at a little place and there were lots of guys with grills cooking was a big pot of "waters" which is soup. however the soup contains everything....more like stew.......and be a variety of meats veggies,............WHATEVER. I chose the chicken on the grill with garlic bread.........It was a leg and thigh......but it was very yummy a very mild bbq sauce on top.

We slept with two fans blowing directly on us all night and life was good.

Correction..........Life IS good. : )

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