Monday, August 16, 2010

Grenada: Lori and Kelly's Big Adventure

Captain's Log: Day 4, Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday in Grenada, no public transportation so pretty much chilled all day. Slept late, walked to visit some peace corps friends up the hill and borrow a transformer and just hung out here.
It rained - HARD but even that was kinda pretty. The electricity here is kinda crazy, it takes forever to charge my computer, I plugged it in at night and by morning it was charged, but drains really fast too.....hope my battery isn't totally fried when I get back home.
Mac's House

Tried firing up the computers I brought from the states, no luck, one has a white screen, one can't find the internet and one we are still trying to charge. : ( but maybe we will get it figured out.
Mac with John and Steph
Papaya tree

Mango tree
Kelly and Avacado
When we went to visit the peace corps friends on the hill.......A FREAKIN HUGE HILL ALMOST VERTICAL! we saw some mango trees, banana trees and papaya trees......kinda cool.

More rain

My sunburn has calmed down a bit but my hair has gone crazy, more curls than I have ever seen and no taming them.....but that's ok. I'm learning a bit of the lingo......can't use it in context very well.....but one thing they say alot is -just so.

Adventure within the Adventure 2
huge roach!
So we are all just sitting around, reading, sleeping, whatever and all of the sudden Kenzie jumps up screaming like a little girl. We go running in there and the BIGGEST (probably 2 inches long!) cock roach I have ever seen is toting his luggage like he's moving in. Kelly grabs the bug spray and sprays him and he scurries away, unfazed. We watch him and he's simply not dying, our only recourse was to smash him, and really no one wants to do that, but Kelly mustered up the courage and splat.....omgosh, so gross, but he met his maker and we were saved.

So a day of not doing much of anything and it was good.

Life IS good!

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