Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AESA- Austin

OH MY GOSH! Where does the time go? My last post was in September.....tsk, tsk, I'd say I'm going to do better but .......... I won't. I decided to write a bit about AESA - Association of Educational Service Agencies - Conference in Austin. I was there December 1 - 5 and it was a great experience. I had an official duty of conference photographer and also to help with the slides of aforementioned photos during lunch and before and after keynotes. I learned so much! Being backstage was a total trip, in the dark with monitors everywhere. I even got my own headphones and mic....... woo woo........... cue camera one, cue slides and GO! I was amazed at how syncronized and organized it all is. We had rehearsals and everything. Long and exhausting days but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My job as photographer required me to take photos during the vendor reception and in the halls and rooms before, during and after the sessions. Now it always amazes me how I can be scared to death of being in front of people and put a camera in my hand or some sort of service assignment and I blossom....... ok, maybe blossom is really not the right word, but I do ok, i seem to be able to bury that shyness and fear.

I was also thrilled because in making the templates for the photo slides I wanted to use a cowboy theme, I mean, Duh, Austin...... anyway I found some really nice cowboy art by a man - Nelson Boren from .... I believe.... Idaho..... I contacted him and he was very gracious and gave me permission to use any of his art as backgrounds and watermarks for my slides. woo hoo squared, I was SOO excited. So I have included a copy of the Friday slides so you could get an idea what I did.

Next year the conference is in Savannah, I hope I am chosen to work that one. I want to go visit Paula Deen!

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