Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Freak

This week the state fair is in town. Usually visit at least several times. Tonight we went after the gate was free and just walked around. Now people are talking about the side show, freak show, whatever you want to call it. Word on the street that it is so cheesy and far fetched it's funny. Now I am the type that doesn't want to support the exploitation of someone's deficiencies so that kind of thing does not appeal to me. However, we ponied up our 3 dollars a person or whatever and under the big top we went. All around the inside of the tent were displays of different oddities, more like a Ripley's Believe it or not than a freak show. Now since I use Photoshop everyday I have become very cynical and don't believe anything I see and this was not exception. Although disbelief was not a difficult concept. In one case was the "snake man" it was a poorly simulated python with an even more poorly simulated man's head attached. It screamed of hokiness. Then there were the little viewings of people. One was spider woman - a woman's head poked through the curtain with spider legs attached. One was gorilla woman. A woman in a box, lots of smoke, voila, a gorilla suited person jumps out. Lame. What made all of this even worse is they kept using the same girls in each stunt. The only thing that was even somewhat amazing was the sword swallower guy, he was kind of cool. But everything else was kind of stupid, only not as stupid as us for wasting hard earned cash to see it.

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