Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fame and Fortune

From my posts you would think I have chinese food all the time, but that isn't true, really, it isn't. But today I did and this is what my fortune cookie said - "Now is the time to try something new." HMMMM, what do you suppose that means? I have a hair appointment today, should I do something totally radical? I am learning a new computer program at work, does this mean I will be successful? Maybe I should take up skydiving or square dancing. I have been talking about learning Spanish, maybe now is the time, maybe my old brain is ready to absorb some new knowledge. I wonder what is the time frame for this cookie? Was it too soon yesterday? Will it be too late tomorrow? Is there an expiration date on fortune cookie advice? I also wonder, should I only try one new thing? or is this offer good on all new things I try. Who knew a fortune cookie could bring about this many questions. Maybe they should have the rules and restrictions listed inside also............

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