Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Visit to KU

Yesterday was a whirlwind. We toured the campus, then Aaron and Phil toured some Frat houses. Monday night they also visited a house.

Before we left, we got a brief tour of one of the Schol halls. Not sure what side of the fence Aaron will fall on. Personally I hope the schol hall. It seemed like it mirrored reality pretty well.

We visited with a financial counselor while we were there. We may be able to eat more than rice and beans while he's there.

We are still going to visit KSU, then we will be able to make a comparison. It seems like that would be more apples to apples.

I have to admit., when we were watching the video at the beginning of the tour and they showed pictures of graduation, I got a bit misty-eyed.


Tonya Witherspoon said...

Glad to read your story. Our oldest son is a senior and in the college search process too. It seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten!

Kim Madden said...

Wow, looks like KU was pretty awesome!!!!! Go Jayhawks!!!!