Thursday, January 19, 2006

Getting to know the Fast Family

Well, I'm finally attempting to have my very own blog. Exciting, yet kinda scary, lots of responsibility. Almost like getting a new pet, you have to remember to feed, water and clean up after it. Here's the most recent picture of our family. Parents- Greg and Lori, Aaron-18, Brett-15, and our dogs Murphy-the blonde and Austi- the black one (and no she's not dead, I'm sure she is extremely tired, we demand alot from her).

Both Brett and Aaron are on the HHS swim team. It is Aaron's second year, however, last year he only got to swim in one meet before finding out his knee cap was broken. Here is a picture of Brett swimming the butterfly, his favorite (not really).

HHS had a great football season. They were 6A state champions for the second year in a row. Aaron got to have the last play of the game, season and his high school career, a sack- it was fun!

We went to Florida to visit my mother and her husband over Christmas break. My step-sister Kelly and her daughters MacKenzie and Molly joined us and we spent a few days at Universal studios in Orlando. Good times. AAAHHH, to be young and fearless. I guess when you have to worry about supporting a family it takes all the fun out of being crazy. When you are afraid you'll sprain, strain, break, pull, tear, bruise, or otherwise mess up important parts of your body, you start to like things like little rides that don't leave the ground or cause massive hemorrhaging. Although I still had to close my eyes on some of the virtual rides because of stupid motion sickness. Lori + rides with lots of motion = throw up. Not fun.

The kids all got along really well, which made being around 4 teenagers for a week pretty easy. We all laughed ALOT! Some days I was actually glad I didn't eat them when they were young.

In this picture it's Molly-15, Brett-15, MacKenzie-18 and Aaron- 18.
Yeah, it's weird they are the same ages, only I have the boys and she has the girls.

Once again, the fantastic four.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Fast's.
Aaron & Grant

Brett & Grant


Web Deb said...

Lori - I love it. You did good. And the down load time is extremely FAST...

Jerry Butler said...

Everything I wanted to know about the Fasts - fast. Nice job.

Kim Madden said...

Lori- you are too much!! Great job and nice photos. Kim

Tonya Witherspoon said...

Wonderful photos and a handsome family. I hope to enjoy more from your blog in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hiyas's your favorite aunt! I check your blog inbetween ebaying and such. Put more pics of the purdy FAST GUYS up...I just never get tired at looking at them purdy FAST GUYS!! Joanna and John will be here March 20 - runaway and come see us!! Love you, Auntie Joyce