Monday, January 23, 2006

Off to KU

Here is a pic from the swim meet at WSU. It is Aaron diving in for backstroke.

Well, we're off to KU this afternoon to for a tour and visit. Aaron and Phil will be going to dinner with some frat friends tonight and different frat friends tomorrow evening. Hopefully Greg and I can find enough stuff to keep us busy.

Greg has found a way to let people see all the pics he's been taking of the different sports teams. Unfortunately it didn't get started until after football season was over, but some good ones of swimming. He was going to work with a couple of other people that take a lot of pics but they are hesitant. Any money he makes from them goes back to the sport the picture is from, so we won't be getting rich, but at least we will be able to share with others. Here is the link to that site. If someone wants something but doesn't want to order it, if they will email him with the photo number he'll work with them. Because not every picture is worthy of a "package" which is the way the site is set up to work and you have to use their certain photolabs.

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