Thursday, December 02, 2010

Savannah-Highlight far.....

Ok, I hope to write an overview of this whole trip when I'm not absolutely exhausted but wanted to share my adventures of today. After having a somewhat stressful couple of days here in the great state of Georgia, today I had quite a pleasant surprise. I had been talking to the others here with me about how I would like to go to Paula Deen's restaurant and I knew that was probably not going to be possible. Well, this evening Glenn Wiebe, Brenda Druecker and myself went on a little exploring trip, walking around with no clear intention of what to do. When suddenly what to my wondering eyes should appear? but a restaurant, Lady and Sons! I asked if we could at least go into the store and look around and then when I happened to see the podium and happened to ask what the wait was and they just happened to say.........wait for it........NO WAIT! I just looked at them with pleading eyes and they took pity on me and said they wouldn't mind if we ate there. I was so happy, I'm not so sure why, except I wanted to say I'd eaten there. Well, we went and it far exceeded my expectations. They start you out with the fluffiest best biscuits ever and pancakes (who knew pancakes were considered an starter for a meal?) Then they had a seafood dip and bread and Glenn had some sort of seafood combo, Brenda had crab stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and I had chicken pot pie. OMGOSH it was soooo good. It had a croissant type lattice style crust and huge chunks of chicken inside. We decided the chicken was probably leftover fried chicken from the buffet. It was Deelish.  We were too stuffed to eat dessert but did not let that stop us, we got some to bring back to the hotel. We got a piece of Key Lime Pie (which oddly enough had the consistency of soft butter, sooo good). We also tried the chocolate chocolate chip flourless torte and the gooey butter cake with toasted coconut. Overall, kinda pricy but not any more expensive than the other nice restaurants around this area. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

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