Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Christmas, what a time, tons of things to do, lots to see, soooo many places to go and be......I can see how some people might just get the bah humbug spirit. But me? I LOVE Christmas, I love the feeling inside me, I love the sights, the smells and I love the meaning. I mean without hope what is the point of being here anyway?

So the hope, the joy that warm and fuzzy feeling, that pretty much sums up the feeling of Christmas but what about the other things? For instance the sights.....yesterday I was in Lawrence, Kansas home of University of Kansas, (you know ROCK CHALK) for my oldest son's graduation, his first leg of collegiate journey completed. And Lawrence is a very ........ahhh, different city, I will probably never be shocked or amazed by what I might encounter and see there. Yesterday though I did see something that made me chuckle. A group of Santas walking down the sidewalk, heading into a bar. I think I actually laughed out loud at the sight!

And then today.......finishing my Christmas decorating, I think I finally am satisfied with what I've done. Not nearly my usual but will be sufficient. I think I have at least a little decorating in every room in the house. Didn't put up the big tree, elected to use my 3 pencil trees instead. I think Santa will still get the idea. And I have this thing......I don't like to see underneath the tree, I think it looks sad and have to get something wrapped and under it immediately. I also have a thing about my packages.....the paper needs to match the decorations and the package itself needs to look like a decoration......(can you say neurotic?) anyway, done and done.

Now on to the smells....I love to make tasty treats, no matter what the holiday. Friday we popped popcorn in the office for a meeting and had quite a bit left over.......I brought it home and made the first batch of the season of caramel corn. Turned out to be quite delish! My co-workers will enjoy my little gift tomorrow.

Now the sounds.......I have the new Lady Antebellum Christmas music and am loving it! but I also have a few other tried and true Christmas tunes I am listening to and then there is always the sound of football on tv........ and soon my boys will be home and the laughter and joking and stories from their adventures at school will fill the rooms once again.

So as I get a little teary-eyed just thinking about the joy of the Holiday Season, the simple things that bring such great pleasure, I can't help but thinking of those that will be facing this time of year that will instead of happiness will be dealing with hurt or loss. My heart goes out to them and hope that somehow, some way the season or fellow man will heal the pain and mend the broken hearts. Wishing a happy and joyous season full of hope and wonder for you and yours this holiday season!

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