Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods

This past weekend I went to a little cabin in the woods in Missouri. It is located on Table Rock Lake and is in a beautiful area. Now I must admit the very thought of spending time in place with no internet access, felt like my umbilical cord would be severed. My communication with the entire free world, coming to a complete stop, all the necessary social networks halted, I could not even fathom how I would survive. But I went, and after the initial withdrawal period, I must will say, had a wonderful time of relaxation. I read an entire James Patterson novel in one day, sat on the deck watched birds and wildlife, took a few pictures.......was nice. Now, granted it was only for 2.5 days and I could not wait to get back and get plugged in, but for that brief moment of disconnect, I think I actually breathed.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
 and here is a little poem I wrote about it........
Sitting in the shade,eyes closed in quiet contemplation,
Aluminum frame chair, plastic webbed seat,
T-shirt and sunglasses, and old blue jeans,
lazily dangling flip flopped feet.

Cool breeze, slowly moving the leafy canopy overhead
Causing soft tendrils to cascade gently around my face,
Blowing and tangling my carmel colored hair without regard
I tuck a curl haphazardly behind my ear, interlaced.

Sounds drifing from the  brush and trees,
Birds wing softly flapping in flight above
Calling to one another in playful banter
Melodious sounds and cooing of doves.

Beaks noisily pecking on the bark of the trees
Hungry bellies looking for tasty morsels to eat
Males with bright plummage, females nearby
Lighting on moving branches, clutching tightly with feet.

The sun starts to peek from behind the clouds in the sky
Random beams, gleaming down on my skin
warming my shoulders like a comfortable sweater.
Tilting my face to welcome the warmth from within.

The smell of the foliage, earthy and sweet
soft musky smells drifting with the breeze
The wildflowers interuupting the browns and greens
with color that pops, releasing their perfume with ease.

Curling up with a book, in the serene location
Nature giving me beauty and peace as a backdrop
Rest and renewal coming to fill my tired body
all interruptions and stress coming to a well deserved stop.

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