Monday, April 26, 2010

I abso-stinkin-lutely LOVE my job

I know I have mentioned it before but I will say it again.......I LOVE MY JOB! Graphic manipulation is fun but taking pictures of something as fun as baby ducks -words cannot describe that. Now you might be wondering why on earth I would need to take pictures of ducklings ...........and even if you are not......(in her best Italian accent says) I'ma gonna tell you.....

A bazillion years ago (approximately) someone made the mistake of calling ESSDACK (the place I work) ESSDUCK, and since then our little mascot has been the rubber ducky. Now I happen to be in the farm store a week ago (no, I do not live on a farm, or near a farm) and they had gotten some of the cutest little baby ducks in, they had chickens too, but they are gross. I happen to know a big wig there and asked if I could rent the ducks for an afternoon. He told that wouldn't be necessary and I could borrow them. So this morning I made the trek back to the farm store to borrow some ducks. I brought them back and of course most people oooo'd and ahhhhh'd because let's face it baby anythings are cute -except chickens, like I said, they are gross.

I took pictures of the ducks by themselves, in groups, sitting, standing, running toward me at break neck speed, with Starbuck the cyber-safety pup, with Kevin Honeycutt and his ipad. (He made a video). We had a fun time with the little critters.

I learned that although cute as can be, baby ducks poop alot and then they stink.....because their food is probably made of ground up bugs so duh? why wouldn't their poop stink? Anyway, I digress.....had a great time of taking pics of the babies. So now I have roughly 250 pics of baby ducks that I can use for something, sometime, in some way...  Just gotta figure that out.

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