Friday, April 16, 2010

Plight of the Creative Bone

Heavy sigh, ahhhhh, the plight of the creative bone.....   I don't know why it is that sometimes, certain people just get the urge...I liken it to spring fever and cleaning. Spring comes and you just want to clean stuff out. That is what the creative urge is.....for some it might be learning to knit, then knitting a scarf for everyone you know (even if it is mid August) then putting the needles away never to be used again. For some people it is some sort of class, or purchasing some sort of equipment or being inspired by HGTV (the H standing for Heaven or Hell, depending on whether you are the husband or the wife). For me it can be sitting and playing at my computer for hours.......yes, my husband has informed me, HOURS.

Sometimes you just want to be creative. No particular reason, you just feel the "need." OK, so maybe not ALL people feel that way, some just want to get through whatever task is at hand. Yesterday was a little of the creative day for me......I was going to shoot photos for background for a podcast and was waiting at home for "the call." I was checking out the cameras, (I use a Nikon D50 and a little pocket for candids - Panasonic Lumix), gathering lens, making sure sufficient battery and card space and all that jazz and starting goofing taking pics of myself. Now some might consider this weird, and it is........but I use those to play with and I don't feel bad when I chop my own head off or make it look really weird.....but feel kinda guilty doing it to others, so I like to keep a variety of pics in my "bank". Also I like to change and it is probably time to change the banner on this page in fact.........

So I started going through Stumble upon......I love that, if you don't have it, it's great, check it out. And saw a picture of a woman looking through the blinds.....I thought......hmmmm I can do that. So if I would have been really industrious, I could have just taken the stupid picture of me looking through blinds, but never one to take the easy route, I set off to "create" the illusion. Now the initial thought was me looking out the blinds but after several tries and not finding the right starting pic, I decided what the heck and went the other route. Someone looking through to me. Now I didn't have alot of time, but in the end I was quite satisfied with the outcome.

Of course as you can guess, I used my very favorite filter in the whole wide world......Topaz Adjust. I see in my email this morning they have some upgrades out so I'm excited to check that out. So with that filter and with a little cleaning up of the photo and a few tweaks here and there, creativity addiction successfully quashed, at least until the monster rears it's head again... : )

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