Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run for the Rocks

So today is a run to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs, it's a half-marathon (13.1) in my town. Hubs and my friend started running at the beginning of the summer. I know your first thought is, wow, what a ridiculous time to start when the weather was averaging around oh........10873742874 degrees.....but I never said they were smart— dedicated and driven- yes, smartest tacks on the board - no. Anyway,  they have been running and getting better so they got this whacky idea to run this race. They register and are official, they have a number, a tshirt & hat, and the all important goodie bag. All the trappings of a dedicated race participant.
Angel, Kim and Greg Pre-Race

I know you are thinking, I wonder why she (being me) doesn't run with them..... well the answer is simple- I. Don't. Run. end of story. I thought back and can't think of a single time I ran for "fun". While the other kids were playing tag and chase, I was content to hang upside down on the monkey bars and worry someone might accidentally see my pink flowered underpants. I do however remember a time of playing cops and robbers and running and putting my arm through a glass door, I have no other memories of running. OK, maybe one more.......when I was a teenager and we tp'd a house and the porch light came on mid roll.......but then that's it, no more.
Kim and Greg - 11 miles

Kim and Greg - about 12 miles
But back to hubs and his run. I think the tally was about 350 runners and they zigged and zagged all through town, he and his faithful running companion, Kim kept on pace and ran the entire way. I went to watch at a few different places along the way and took a few pictures (which I am much better at than running) and only found myself distracted once by a really pretty butterfly that was missing part of a wing. But fortunately they hollered at me and got my attention before they were completely past me and I managed to get a few pics taken of them.
Lovely butterfly at the last mile
Kim, Greg and Kerri Shroyer coming into Gowans for finish

All summer long he has been giving their stat numbers to me. I am not a numbers person and I'm sure my eyes just kinda glaze over as I nod dumbly at his reports. I sometimes feel as though  I am receiving the coordinates to some long buried treasure or was a 13.25 at 5.93.......what the heck? maybe this is a long kept secret of DB Cooper......anyway to me it is mumbo jumbo but to him it is the ends to a successful and pleasing, first time ever race. Good job Greg and Kim. (and to race veteran Angel)
Kim, Greg and Angel

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