Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 Things I Learned From My Dog

I have two dogs, both female and both greyhounds. Austi is coal black and is retired racer - I suppose when you only run in a handful of races you can still be considered retired. According to the owner, she was really fast, just took issue running in a group, a definite deterrent to successful racing. We adopted her when she was a little over a year old and she has been a part of our family for about 10 years now. Murphy is fawn colored and was bred to hunt coyotes, she is greyhound and we guess part wolfhound. Murphy is wild and I am convinced somewhat retarded. Her exploits and adventures have cost us time and again, and I'm thinking she could possibly be the world's most expensive free dog ever. But what these dogs have cost in a monetary sense they have more than reimbursed in the gift of companionship and although the early days were much angst and bits of anger, none of us could now imagine life without them.

When a person gets a dog, or any pet for that matter, they THINK they are doing some huge favor for the animal, when in reality the animal teaches us humans so much. So this morning as I sat drinking my coffee and Murphy just gently laid her head on my lap and looked at me with pleading eyes, I pondered just what types of things I have learned from her.

1.  Wagging Your Tail. When we are happy, we should show it. If we are pleased to see someone, it doesn't hurt to let them know as long as it doesn't involve jumping up on them and leaving muddy paw prints on their shirt........I'm just sayin'......
Murphy (and Aaron)

2.  When You Want Something, Ask For It.- If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it. Dogs are relentless, they bark, they chase, they search until they get what they want, we as humans tend to give up before putting out full effort into getting what we desire.
John's dog- Dewey

3.  It's Good To Chase Things. A rabbit, a ball, , a dream, we need to see the fun and potential in play.
Julie's dog- Teddy
Brenda's dog- Roxie

4.  Sometimes A Friend Just Needs You Close- When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close and nuzzle them gently. Words sometimes are not necessary, a hug, a pat, a knowing glance can express what we could never find the words to say.
John's dog Dewey - and Michele


5.  Tolerance Is Important. Sometimes we need to put aside our fears, our doubts, our inhibitions and just let life happen. Even if the experience isn't necessarily for us, we can play along.
Brenda's dog- Bailey

6.  Get Comfortable. Put on the old jeans and the ratty sweatshirt. Curl up in the comfy chair. Roll up in blanket in from on the tv.
Ron's dog- Mia


7.  Protect The Ones You Love. Never bite when a growl will do. Protection comes in many forms, and although many of us would fight to the death over a close loved one, we fail our friends when we do not defend them as others slander them in front of us.
Murphy ...well, and Aaron

8.  Play. Take time to play, leave the stress behind and just have spontaneous fun.
John's dogs- Leila and Dewey

9.  Patience.  Whether it is for a walk, a treat or a pat on the head, sit quietly and wait for your turn.

Jaime's Dog- Fonzie

Jodi's dog- Newman

10. Be Loyal. Shake It Off. Whether it's a smack on the nose from a newspaper, or being left behind when everyone goes on vacation, don't hold a grudge, pick up where you left off.
Jake's dog- Arnold

Kevin's dogs, Tia and Starbuck

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Renee' said...

I'm sad! My dogs, Bart and Bubby didn't make the cut!!!