Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Things I Learned From A Child

Learning is all around us. As we get older we tend to look to "experts" to advise us, people with vast experience, degrees or just plain smarts to tell us what to do, how to act, where to visit and sometimes even what to think. But if we get honest some of the best lessons come from children, raw and unrehearsed tidbits that can make our lives richer.

I love taking pictures and was amazed at the lessons being displayed in the photos.

10 Things I Learned From A Child
 1. Express Yourself- Children have a way of displaying what they feel. Their little filters are not yet fully formed and if they want to act silly, they do. If they feel like crying, they let it go, if something is funny, they giggle. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, although being an adult, one does need to practice a bit of restraint, maybe the world would be a happier place if we all just let go once in a while.

2. Have someone to look up to -  we all have mentors and teachers but sometimes it's the plain 'ole people in our lives that have the greatest influence. We need to remember that some of the best memories and lessons come from those closest to us.

3. Ask to drive - We become so accustomed at being told what to do, we fail to ask for what we want. We timidly accept what we are handed assuming someone else has more experience, more clout or just more than we do. We need to learn more often to step up and just ask to take the helm.

4.  Be proud of your accomplishments - So often we downplay something we done. We brush it off like it's no big deal when sometimes it is a very BIG deal to us. We have the right to peacock around occasionally, celebrate the victories, no matter how "small".

5.  Snuggle - When a child wants a hug they come boldly and get it. They don't fear rejection, and most often they get their hug or snuggle and quickly off to the next thing. Adults need to learn to give (and receive) hugs without expectation.

6. Hold on to your innocence - Children are innocent, they don't second-guess the words coming out of their mouths, they don't have hidden agendas, and they don't worry about outcomes. They act out of impulse. As adults we could take a lesson on letting go of the jaded thinking that makes us cynical and suspecting of everything around us.

7. Be brave and adventurous - The bane of every parents existence is the lack of fear factor in their child. They bravely walk to the top of the hill and hop on that sled and down they go- what about falling off? What about a broken bone? How are they gonna stop when they get to the bottom? Who knows.....they certainly do not, but to them it's all about the fun and adventure. As adults maybe we should just close our eyes and jump occasionally, take a chance. Scary? maybe, Exciting? most definitely.

8. Express your individuality - It amuses me to see a child all dressed up. In the fashion world she'd be slammed for her mismatched outfit. A feather boa with a plastic grass skirt, doesn't she read Vogue or Seventeen? no, matter of fact she can't even read at all. And the little boy that turns a cardboard box into a fort or airplane.....creativity at it's best. Before someone tells them they can't pretend, they let their imaginations take them to worlds they will soon put behind them for the strict perimeters of reality. Perhaps as adults we should occasionally take out the coloring pages and color the people purple and give them green hair - for old times sake.

9. Enjoy what you do - Children enjoy what they do, jump in with both feet and let it go. Maybe that is why we enjoy watching a child dig into that birthday cake. Because who wouldn't like to throw etiquette out the window occasionally and eat with our hands?

10. Don't be afraid to get dirty -  Dirt. What kid doesn't love dirt and water.......which let's face it, is mud. As a child you spend your time trying to figure out to get dirty and somewhere along the line that switch flips and you spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to avoid the mud. Strange how that happens. Go ahead get dirty, and then you can participate in one of the adult world's pleasures.....a good, long hot shower.

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Mackenzie Garst said...

I love this post. Some of my greatest life lessons have been taught by children. :)