Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Podstock- Fat city for all the 18 karat radioactive cats

What's the tale, nightengale?
I'm so excited (or in 50's speak) cranked and on cloud 9! Starting to gather and really THINK about PODSTOCK 2011 ( July 22 & 23). First of all,

So what is Podstock?

It’s a conference. But it’s more than a conference. It’s conversation. It’s family.

It’s a bunch of cool folks getting together to learn more about how to improve education. And we’ll use whatever it takes - technology, PBL, gaming, online tools . . . we’ll try anything as long as it helps kids learn.

Podstock is about creativity, about inspiration, about what’s good for kids. Our formal and
informal conversations change how we do school.
The 2011 Guitar Pick

Now, that we know WHAT it is, let's talk about what I'm doing for, with and about it, you know, get with it. We came up with our theme, it's going to be more 50's diner-ish and it's going to be a kick. My plan is to use a menu as our conference book, you know the big Denny's-like type? and the placemat under the blue plate special will have all the web 2.0 stuff as well as vendors and sponsors being represented. We are also looking in to having our staff in retro bowling shirts. The reception that's in the mix will continue on with the theme by having bowling and a sock hop, however, since this is a conference discussing new technology, and virtual learning in Kansas (AND BEYOND!) it will be Wii bowling and a Second Life sock hop. It is going to be a hoot I'm sure.  

We've ordered enough guitar picks to fill the trunk of a '57 Chevy and working hard to provide the best Podstock scene to date so we've got it made in the shade! Also word from the bird is that there will be a sugar band that can wail playing a gig with ipads.

So, Daddy-O, pound the z's because the joint is gonna be jumpin' and the same old, same old is so lame. Be sure to fire up and flat out floor it to get your registration in soon.

Cast an eyeball on the nifty extras we have already created. The placemat listing web 2.0 resources (and any additional illuminations you might have!).

Placemat with web 2.0 resources

The "blue plate special

The Special

and the hand out card - Kevin is spraying them with the scent of maple syrup right now and that is really going to razz my berries!

Hand out card for conferences

So, don't be a party pooper, get all your friends on the horn and and scream on over to the Podstock website and get registered today, you dig?

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