Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Porcelain Hearts

Some hearts can be likened to Grandma’s fine china. Passed down from generation to generation, kept under the protection of display case, where all can view it but are not to touch. Only being taken out on special occasions, for all to admire and very cautious when using so as not to damage it. Only those who are aware of it’s fragile state are allowed to handle it and then replacing it carefully back in it’s case. It becomes a part of only the utmost important occasions but never day to day use. But why? Why even keep something if you are too afraid to use it? We should want to use and share our hearts everyday, like using the fine china to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, the crystal goblets to drink lemonade. We should respect it and be gentle with it but want to make memories with it, take it out of the display case and give all a chance to experience it’s beauty. Every chip, a story, every broken plate, a lesson - never to be perfect again, only hope that for each piece lost, a replacement can be found. And maybe, just maybe when the time has come for it to be passed along, the memories created by using our heart will have provided all those around us with a generous and satisfying helping of life served with a beautiful presentation.

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