Sunday, June 28, 2009

Red, White, Black and Blue

I know, I know, it is not right to have 2 posts in one day but I have another story to tell. And I DO love to tell stories. Yesterday, my husband was trying to do the husbandly thing and help out around the house a little. (I think it was just guilt for him going to be gone to Waynoka riding all day today) He knows I struggle to get the slip covers back on the sofa cushions because it fits so tightly and was trying to of help when calamity struck. I use safety pins all along the zipper because the fabric pulls and I don't want the zipper to break or come apart. He was putting a safety pin and I pulled on the fabric but when I did it yanked his hand and he sliced himself with the safety pin.

Now at this point you are probably thinking, "what a big baby, getting sliced by a safety pin, get over it". Well that is not the point (ha ha) of the story. He reacted by yanking his arm back in full force and unfortunately my face was in his direct flight path. He cold cocked me square in the eye socket with the back of his hand and his wedding ring making complete contact. I managed to stay on my feet but was reeling somewhat. We both must have had complete stunned looks on our faces. He tried to blame the whole thing on me until the black and purple set on then he kind of started saying he was sorry and it was an accident, no ones fault.

Anyway, staying close to home today to avoid the stares and people thinking I'm some sort of gang banger or something. You know, there is never a dull moment here......

Oh yes, I did go give a little attention to the old eyebrows after viewing these pics.

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