Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes

Occasionally in my office some rearranging of seating happens, sometimes it is because of staff changes and sometimes to facilitate collaboration. This week we had one of those upset the apple cart kinda weeks, not sure how many of us actually switched desk areas but more than 2 and less than 40. I was one of the movers (and shakers - wink). SO - the song, sing it with me, ya know ya wanna - Movin' on up, to the east siiide, to a dee-luxe apartment in the skkkyyyyy. Ok, not a deluxe apartment but I did move one desk to the east so it's sorta true.

Moving whether it be a couple of filing cabinets and turning your chair in a different direction or a whole house can be a tad bit stressful but also a chance to purge and clean. I found out I had a bunch of stuff that I didn't need and I think I may have given the cleaning guy a hernia from lifting my paper laden trash can. OOPS. But all in all, I cleaned and rearranged and took the opportunity to change my "look", and my little desk pod - which is now a corner desk pod (although sadly, no great view from an upper floor).
Pay no attention to the junk behind the curtain, er, under the desk.

There are a few new additions/changes I made in my desk apparel and I really like them. One is a new makeover from my old file holder thingys, they were covered in red paisley fabric and now they are black/white birdish scrapbook paper covered. I LOVE them!

Another change was to get rid of my previous bulletin board. It seemed rather redundant to have a bulletin board hanging over the wall that was basically it's  own bulletin board - so, I just hung the frame over the wall and voila, trĂ©s chic.

I also found this cute little soap dish on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. I took it home and sprayed it black and it works perfectly as a business card holder.

But I would have to say my favorite addition was to add an ornate picture frame around my external monitor. It's like working in a piece of art all day. Love, Love, Love.

My fish, Finley, seems to like the new surroundings as well.

We also got in our staff shirts for Podstock. It's an 80's ish rock concert-type shirt. We had Prairie Print in Wichita do them and they did an awesome job. They also did our regular Podstock shirt, Talk Nerdy to Me and it turned out pretty snazzy as well. Our thanks go out to Doug, Terry and Jason for a job well done!

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