Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This project makes me smile

I spend my day doing creative things-some of it is fancy pants stuff and some is just mundane but the best thing is that it seems no 2 days of work are ever the same. And at the end of each project the range of emotions tends to be from relief that it is finished to excitement that it is finished and usually a mixture of both.  I would be lying if I said I don't always just hold my breath when finishing a project hoping there isn't a glaring error that I (and the 40 other sets of eyes) have missed.

Many times my portion  is just a tiny part in a much bigger  project and I always anxiously await to see how it all fits. An example of that is our new web site which Chris Lock has been working feverishly on to complete. I can't reveal it yet as he is still putting the finishing touches on it but here is our new logo that has inspired the color scheme.

I completed a project and today when it came in I loved the way it looked. It's one thing to design something and see it small on a screen (even if you do have a 17-inch monitor) and it's completely another when it is on a 10-foot backdrop! As with every project a few little things I'd change but overall - LOVE IT!

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