Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Dogs, Prizes and Games, OH MY! -Back to School Fun Day 2011

Last Saturday the Hutchinson Volunteer Patrol held it's now annual (this is the second year, woot!) Back to School Fun Day. Like last year it had all the makings of a good time. Food (300 hot dogs!), Games, and tons o' prizes.

Since my husband is on the volunteer patrol, I am guilty by association and strongly urged (nah, I happily volunteered) to help. It started out as expected getting things set up by noonish for the 1PM start time.

Well if you've been in Kansas recently you know that mid-day the ground becomes lava. We had a bit of cloud cover and a few sprinkles but the relief was short lived and the steam bath followed. Fortunately we had lots of McDonald's Orange Drink and donated bottled water and the  kids being the resilient little rascals they are, did not miss a beat.

More hot dogs were eaten, more kids went on a cotton candy/snow cone sugar high and more prizes were claimed.

Of course there were a couple of scraps- it's not a party until someone gets a booboo, but our friendly Hutchinson Fire Department was there to administer first aid (and show off the fire truck).

The amount of merchant donations was so great we had to really hustle to give them all away in the allotted 3 hour period. This year we gave away adult prizes too - not "adult" prizes but prizes like $25.00 food coupons to several different family food restaurants and a BlueRay DVD player. But the big prizes that earned the most drool points were the two bikes. Both a girl's and boy's bike were given. They were super snazzy Huffy's too!

But unfortunately we only had two (listen up sponsor-type people) maybe next year we can make this even bigger and better and give away more bikes, I would be so excited to see this event blow the doors off and make lots of little kids have super big smiles. Our boy winner this year, has several sisters and he is the only boy in the family so I'm thinking a shy young dude with lots of sisters, DESERVES a manly black/orange boys bike. HOOORAH for you little man!

The girls winner was so cute she was all dressed in pink and purple and she actually looked like she matched that ultra-girly pastel bicycle.

I think this event was a success and hope we can grow it year to year and get more of the community involved. I do believe a fun time was had by all. Thank you to the sponsors and the Hutchinson Volunteer Patrol.

Friend them to see more pics from this event on Facebook at Hutchinson Volunteer Patrol

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