Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your answer, to answering the touch screen phone

So, here I am in Phoenix where it's warm and not necessary to wear gloves like it was home in Kansas. But I made a discovery before I left that I just HAVE to share with those of you in the colder climates. Seems everyone has a touchscreen phone these days and wearing gloves makes it impossible to answer the blasted things. Funny how technology has advanced so much that you can't even simply answer the phone. But there is hope, Isotoner has come out with an answer to the problem.

As technology has advanced the problems associated with touching those screens that use capacitive technology have increased. In fact, nowadays, capacitive touch screens are everywhere, from cell phones to MP3 players to ATM machines to interactive gas pumps. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than having to take your hands out of your warm gloves in order to “swipe to answer” your cell phone or enter in your PIN at the ATM, especially if it is really cold outside.

Most of the currently popular cell phones use the capacitive technology so Isotoner decided to capitalize off of this and create a glove that actually worked with capacitive touchscreens. The problem with capacitive screens is that they require a tiny electrical current or charge from the user’s finger tips and these charges, since they are so small, simply do not transfer via a glove.

The good news is that Isontoner has come to the rescue with an affordable and readily available solution. What Isotoner has done is actually weave conductive threads into the index finger and thumbs of both hands on the gloves. What this means is that you can still use all of those capacitive devices but without removing your gloves.

Sounds hokey right? But my coffee klatch of girlfriends and I decided to test it. We looked up the Isotoner glove and lo and behold, available at Walmart, after a search to find out the cost, a mere $12.00, we loaded up the truck and headed for the store. I was totally amazed, it worked. That price is for the stretch fleece, they also have other styles and prices points to meet just about every taste and need.
So, if you are looking for a solution to fight frost-bitten fingers without having to let go of some major funds buying  from the high end electronic and technology based gift and gadgets places, these are for you.

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